At Satellite Cable there is a new passion for quality. No longer is it restricted to the end product - In the transformed perspective that rules the company, Quality is viewed as a consequence of a number of processes, checks and balances that make it an every time phenomenon and a visible hallmark across all manufacturing processes.
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Satellite Cable offers a wide range of high quality wires and cables. Our product range includes :

¤   PTFE Insulated SPC/NPC Equipment Single / Multistrand Hook-Up Wires(LCSO Approved)
as per MIL-W-81381/JSS-51037 standard and customer's design for use in Aerospace, Instrumentation etc.
¤  PTFE Multi Cores / Pairs Sheathed Cables with Shield or without shield
¤   PTFE Computer Data Cables
¤   PTFE High Voltage Corona Resistant Wires and cables
Screened & Jacketed from 5 KVAC to 22 KVAC (9 KVDC to 40 KVDC) working voltage in solid colours.         Additional Fiber glass outer Braiding also available.
¤   PTFE RF Co-Axial and Tri-Axial Cables as per USA MIL-C-17 or Indian           JSS-51100, Flexible standard miniature Cables, Low noise Cables & as per customer's      specifications.
¤   PTFE Double Shielded Cables
¤   PTFE Thermocouple and Compensating Cables
as per DIN-43760 standard, in all conductor-type, made in twin flat or round form, Shielded or Unshielded for accurate temperature control and measurement.
¤   PTFE Insulated Sleevings as per JSS-54802 specifications (LCSO Approved)
¤   Single Core / Multi Core, Twisted, Shielded and PTFE / PVC Jacketed Cables
¤   Single Core / Multi Core, Twisted, Shielded and PTFE / Silicon Jacketed Cables
¤   Twin Parallel Ballon Wires
manufactured as per MIL-1-22129 or JSS 54802 are for use in      
      Electrical, Electronic, Chemical, Mechanical & other industries. PTFE Sleeves are      
      inert to almost all chemicals, Oils, Fluxes etc. Wide temperature range from - 200°C
      to 260°C, long flex-life and high burst-strength. Smooth internal surface of PTFE
      sleeves allow closer fits. Can be offered with connector assemblies.


The cables can be covered with SPC / NPC / BC / SS / Fiber glass braiding and sheathing of PVC, Silicon or all.

Furthermore, ¤ PTFE Insulated Wires as per JSS 51034 PTFE (LSCO & DGQA Approved) ¤ RF Co-Axial Cables such as: RG 196A/U, RG 188A/U, RG 187A/U, RG 195A/U, RG 178A/U, RG 179A/U, RG 316 AS PER MIL C-17 or JSS 51100
¤ PTFE Sleeving as per JSS 54802 (LCSO & DGQA Approved)

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